Luigi Franciosi Describes What to Look for In A Good Long Term Care Home and Care Aide

Luigi Franciosi
3 min readDec 18, 2019

Whether you’re looking for a facility for yourself or an elderly family member, a good long-term care home can dramatically improve the quality of life of a senior. However, not all such facilities are created equal. Some research is needed before you can find the right one for your specific needs.

Luigi Franciosi is an established consultant in the pharmaceutical and seniors living industries with over twenty years of experience who currently runs his own business. He considers looking for a long-term care home an important step that carries the same weight as searching for a house to purchase. “This is not just a place,” he says, “you’re going to move in, close the door and get on with your life. It’s more of a community of people that you will be joining. Unless it’s a good fit, your stay there might not be a comfortable one.” In general, both the care aide and the home have to have the following outstanding qualities that encourage you to choose them.

Meet your Specific Needs

While there are many long-term senior care homes available out there, not all of them cater to every specific need that you or your elderly relative has. According to Luigi Franciosi, some care homes or assistants are more specialized than others. If the patient needs help with their daily lives, then an assisted living facility would be the right choice for them. A bedridden patient, on the other hand, would require a skilled nurse to take care of them on a daily basis which calls for a more qualified assistant or a facility that has these nurses on their staff. The same applies to patients who suffer from dementia. Some conditions need extra attention and a facility that’s equipped to care for them. So, you should always look for a care home or an assistant with the right qualifications for you or your loved one.


Looking for the right long-term care facility can be as hassling as moving into a new home. You have to think about things such as how accessible the location is and whether it’s close to the family home or it’s too far. “Having a facility near the family home,” says Luigi Franciosi, “means regular visits become possible. Compare this to a nursing home further away and it can become a hassle for people to visit. It is also recommended before you pick a place to ask the person about their location preferences, especially if they have the ability to go on day trips.

Size and Services

The care home’s size can give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of accommodation and services. It should offer quiet spaces and activity rooms for the guests to enjoy. Moreover, you should pay extra attention to the quality of the food the facility offers. Meals are something that seniors look forward to as it gives them opportunities to socialize every day. If the food there is subpar or not the type that your relative is used to, they are more likely to resent their stay within a long-term care home.

Luigi Franciosi concludes that long-term care homes often represent the last years of a person’s life and he believes that it is imperative that you ensure that the facility and assistant of choice are best for you or your family.



Luigi Franciosi

Dr. Luigi Franciosi is an established pharma consultant and adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia. Located in Coquitlam, British Columbia.